While the population skyrockets, our roads become impassable. Now this?


Insert your home because we're all vulnerable.

Oak Woods Complex, 9 Goodhill Rd, Bethel

Imagine that you sacrifice to achieve the American dream, a 4-bedroom colonial style home. It's situated in a single-family zoned area, adjacent to protected wetlands so you feel comfortable investing your life savings.

One day you look out to see dump trucks and bulldozers. You then find out they're working without permits or prior permission, under State sponsorship to rezone an area that will encompass your dream home on 3 sides.

Truth or fiction? Contact them to find out?

Contact our leaders allowing this!
Contact our leaders allowing this!

Who needs sidewalks?


Steep embankments


Hairpin turns that will become problematic if there are life safety issues.


Would our legislators allow their childen to walk here?

If not, why are they rezoning the area to build an apartment complex?

The Rich Get Richer - While We Stand Still in Traffic

The only state where poverty increased

Connecticut is the only Sates in our Nation to see population and economic declines along with increases in poverty rates. The only county to see sustained growth is in Fairfield County. Unfortunately for those of us living here, we've not seen any funds to accommodate infrastructures like roads and electrical grids. They can't even build a road between Danbury and Norwalk but they can partner with a local developer via a boondoggle of a law, to rezone an area that infringes on protected wetlands, has no sidewalks, not within proximity to public transit, no public water, off a narrow winding road and if allowed, will surround a young family with - two small children - on three sides?